Kaijumania II

At last, the long awaited follow-up to KAIJUMANIA!!

LIVE! From downtown Osaka, it’s KAIJUMANIA II!

Who will be the last ranger standing in the SUPER SENTAI THROWDOWN SIX RANGER GAUNTLET MATCH?

Activate circuits and prepare for mayhem with the REBUILT FOR DESTRUCTION match of MECHAGODZILLA vs. GIPSY AVENGER!

Witness chaos FROM BEYOND THE STARS as SPACE GODZILLA vs. GIGAN unleashes celestial fire!

Mutant arachnid vs. horrifying crustacean in the BATTLE OF THE FREAKS featuring KUMONGA vs. DESTOROYAH!

And in your MAIN EVENT, reigning champion GODZILLA takes on the three heads of terror as GHIDORAH challenges for the title of KING KAIJU!

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